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Name:Murder Amensia Cave
Posting Access:All Members
This is an open RP dressing room type community for players in the whole CFUD/Sabra/Aather/Thusia/EC/WS/Deco borg, as well as prospective players or whoever else wants to drop in and thread with us.

* DON'T BE A DICK. This means no godmoding, no skeeving on people, no anon comms whatsoever, and no other forms of willfully destroying of other people's fun that we've neglected to mention here.
* If you wanna porn it up that's cool, but take it to a private post somewhere. You can even link that post at the end of the thread that leads up to it, but keep your smuttin' off the main comm.
* If you have a major issue with someone that is disrupting your enjoyment of this comm, please try to speak to them directly. Failing that, please contact Robowolf for assistance in mediation.

* Murder Amnesia Camp is a largely wooded area containing a zombie summer camp, a massive system of caves, a death jungle, an underground laboratory, a creepy art gallery (and/or flooded library), and whatever else players might add into it.
* You do not actually have to be within this area in your posts. You could make a post-game post set in your character's world, have a party in Old Sabra, or whatever. Just be sure to make note of it your post if this is the case!

* IRC channel is #theknife on Lunarnet
* Your mods are Excel, who does comm maintenance, and [personal profile] robowolf (sailorharry at gmail), who handles player disputes.
* If you want to prettify this community, please notify Excel

* Tag format is "[rp] character," so for example, "[sabra] Soldier"
* For characters that weren't/aren't in games, use [oc], [au], or [canon], so like "[oc] Tiddlywinks Rumplebum" or "[canon] oscar the grouch"
* Tags aren't mandatory but they ARE awesome
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